2015 has been a very active year for ZA with a participation as exhibitor to all of the following major International shows:

- LAAD Rio de Janeiro :14-17 April 2015
- DSEI- London: 15-18 September 2015
- IDEF Istanbul 5-8 May 2015
- Interpolitex Moscow : 20-23 October 2015
- Milipol Paris : 17-20 November 2015

Visitors to ZA stand had the opportunity to discover the very large range of PPE solutions developed so far. It is a fact that very few companies in the world are now offering under the same roof such a large choice.
Existing agents in addition to newly appointed agents at the shows have expressed a satisfaction to the positioning of ZA products. Indeed quality for price, they feel that it is very difficult for competition to match what ZA is offering.

Ridha Mahjoub, ZA International sales Manager declared that 2015 was the year of foundation consolidation of the company’s huge assets, and he believes that 2016  shall be the year ZA shall come out to the market with more new products and new challenges. "Never in the history of ZA a year was so challenging and exciting" he said.


Zebra Armour at IDEF  Show in Istanbul, Turkey 5th – 8th May 2015:


Ridha  Mahjoub and Yolandie Fourie manned the Zebra Armour stand on the South African National Pavilion of the IDEF 2015 show in Turkey, Istanbul.

The Zebra Armour stand was a huge success with visits from the General of the Kenyan Army, The Turkey Military MOD, The Head of R & D department of the Turkish Air Force, The VIP delegation as well as the Consulate General of Turkey just to name a few.

Currently we are one of the only manufactures producing Ballistic Shields to NIJ Level IV, during the show we had many positive enquires about our shields. We are very proud this.






Zebra Armour at Milipol Paris, Ville Pinte 19 - 23 November 2013:

Zebra Armour shared a stand space of 18m2 at Milipol in Paris with two other South African partners (Gelvenor and Stepahead) in order to create a synergy in the offer given to the customers. 

The stand had visistors from all over the world and once again the Paris show was a major event in building Zebra Armour's global reputation.

Zebra Armour announced during the show that it had acquired the assets of Global Armour South Africa.  

Zebra Armour now has a helmet production capacity of 15,000 per month, which makes it the largest manufacturer of bullet proof helmets in the Southern hemisphere.







Zebra Armour at LAAD show, Rio de Janeiro 9 - 12 April 2013:

Zebra Armour took a stand at the SA National pavillion in LAAD 2013. This was the first participation of ZA in Latin America shows. The stand was visited by HE the SA Minister of Defense.

ZA extensive range of products attracted a lot of visitors from Latin America and a brazilian agent was appointed. The potential in latin America is tremendous.










Zebra Armour at Milipol Qatar, Doha 8 - 10 October 2012:

Zebra Armour had a remarkable participation at Milipol Doha this year. The local agent in Qatar hosted the stand of Zebra Armour. Many international visitors ( from GCC, Europe and Asia) stopped by our stand and showed interest in the new products displayed at the stand. The stand was visited by Qatar Minister of Interior as well as the Chief of Special Forces.  A new agent in Bahrain was appointed at the show.





Zebra Armour Africa Aerospace & Defence (AAD) 19 - 21 September 2012:

AAD provided a superb platform on which to showcase our product range with defence and general aviation supply chain decision makers.Both the Local and International sales team have had impressive lead generation from the show. Our range of Ballistic Helmets with their impressive V/50 once again attracted much attention and secured new orders.

Zebra Armour first South African Exhibition at IFSEC from 19 - 21 of June 2012:

The stand was managed by  the local sales team: Tracy Delport and Sue Schikora.IFSEC 2012 (19th, 20th and 21st of June) was Zebra Armours’ first Local Exhibition.We welcomed large volumes of visitors from South Africa as well as neighbouring countries.This was a fantastic opportunity to meet new customers as well as newly appointed agents affording us the opportunity to discuss existing and future innovation, as well as set up new alliances.Our high quality and competitively priced products were well received with particular interest in our latest Light Weight Plate weighing in at under 1.2Kg’s. News of our Johannesburg showroom was welcomed, this enables Zebra to better Service Johannesburg and surrounding areas.  We look forward to ongoing growth in the Local Market, building new business relationships, as well as upholding and growing our existing relationships.






 Zebra Armour Stand at MILIPOL PARIS - 16-21 October 2011:

George and Ridha manned ZA's stand in Paris. The show was a fantastic meeting point for all the bullet proof industry. It was a great opportunity to benchmark with competitors, and the first time Zebra Armour shows its newly designed 40 pages catalogue. An electronic copy of this new catalogue can be downloded in our website at the home page.

The Zebra Armour brand is very popular now and everyone now recognizes the South African bullet proof manufacturing leader.New customers from new markets were met in Paris show.MILIPOL Paris is now definitely the unmissable appointment of the industry.




Peruvian glamour present at the Zebra Armour stand.








Morroco new agent 

ZEBRA ARMOUR Stand at DSEI London 2011 show:

Sonja Morphis manned our stand at DSEI show in London. Sonja met new customers and existing agents. It was a good opportunity to show the new helmets and vests developed specially for London show.Sonja met new customers from everywhere, but specially from EU market and a few from GCC.





 Sonja Morphis at DSEI show London 2011

 Zebra Armour stand at GSA 2011 - Singapore:

Ridha Mahjoub joined the stand of our newly launched regional office in Singapore at GSA 2011 show. It was a great opportunity for Ridha to meet new customers coming from all over Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Pakistan and many other countries.

Zebra Armour products were of high interest to all visitors, and it was a great opportunity to show to everyone that our products are competitive even in Asia, despite the price pressure there. No doubt, Asia will be very soon one of the main orders generator for our company.








Ridha & Andy with some visitors from Malaysia



Zebra Armour stand at IDEX 2011 - Abu Dhabi:

Both George Morphis and Ridha Mahjoub manned Zebra Armour's at IDEX 2011 show. Zebra Armour stand was visited by VIPs and official delegations as well existing agents and distributoes worldwide.

It was also a good opportunity to meet new customers and newly appointed agents. 

New agents in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Brunei, Romania, Checz Republic, Brazil were appointed. A few others are in the pipeline. Zebra Armour's brand is now covering more than 30 countries in the world.






Zebra Armour Participation at MILIPOL QATAR 2010 /25-27 October 2010:

Ridha Mahjoub, Zebra Armour International sales Manager attended MIlipol Qatar 2010.  During this participation, Ridha Mahjoub met the existing regional agents in the GCC region as well as new agents in other places of the world: France, USA, Kazakhastan, Columbia, Spain and many others.

Rida Mahjoub introduced the new range of ballistic shields level III and IV developed by ZA and ordered by many agents already. He has also introduced the new 2.5 Kg stand alone plate level IV and the 2.35 Kg level IV in conjunction with plate ( to be used with our level IIIA vest). He has also introduced the new budget line of Zebra Armour vests, plates and helmets.

Zebra Armour now offers at USD 500 only a full set including one level IIIA aramid helmet,(02)  two level IV ceramic plates and one Bravo2 type  vest delivered in a very smart Zebra Armour carrying bag.



Zebra Armour outstanding participation at Eurosatory Paris from 14 to 18 June 2010:

Zebra Armour had a very attractive stand at Eurosatory Paris in Villepinte Exhibition Centre. This was a very good opportunity to meet the EU based agents as well as others agents coming from the other parts of the world: North and South America, Middle East, Africa and Far East..

Zebra Armour new light ceramic plates and helmets were a great attraction at the South African pavillion.







Zebra Armour participation at SOFEX 2010 in Jordan:

Zebra Armour has exhibitied at SOFEX show in Amman from 10 to 13 May 2010. 

Our latest solutions were displayed at AVIOCOM's stand, our agent in Jordan.

Amongst the VIPs who have visited our stand and showed a lot of interest there is the Minister of Defence of Azerbaijan together with the head of Military factories in Baku.We have also receievd the visit of HRH king Abdullah's II brother, deputy chief of the Jordanian Army.

Agents from Egypt, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Bulgaria, Russia and many others from 16 countries have also paid a visit to meet our team at the stand and discuss current business and potential of sales promotion in their markets.




Successful participation of Zebra Armour at ISNR 2010 show in Abu Dhabi:

Zebra Armour had a very succesful participation at ISNR show in Abu Dhabi ( 1st to 3rd March 2010). Both George Morphis (Zebra Armour's CEO and Chairman) and Ridha Mahjoub (International Sales Manager) were present at the stand to welcome the large number of agents who came to meet them. It was an opportunity to discuss existing and future events, and to set up new alliances with international key players.

The new steel free boltless helmet developed by Zebra Armour as well as the specially designed Tshirt vest for the GCC region to be worn under the tradional white "thoob" were the attraction of the visitors

























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